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Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee:

Guarantee of Satisfaction

At South Park Fine Art every attempt is made to provide the most extensive information on the specifics of any work of art offered. This information includes, wherever available, the title, date, medium, size, edition information and any relevant historical or provenance information. Our research department will attempt with their best efforts, to answer any additional enquiries about any work of art available at South Park Fine Arts.


Every work of art purchased at South Park Fine Arts carries a certificate of authenticity, including the complete description and research information on each work.

Your Satisfaction

Our pursuit of excellence is service and quality. South Park Fine Arts is well known by our clients for its quality and efficiency.

?If for any reason we have not lived up to your expectations, or if your experience has not been extraordinary I want to personally know about it so that I can do everything in my power to gain your complete satisfaction?
Raymond J Smyth, Art Director
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